Afghan women: priority or bargaining chip?

Some argue women’s rights are at risk as the US and Afghan governments negotiate with the Taliban.


  1. Afghan activists from the women's advocacy group Young Women for Change protest the killing of five women in less than one month during an  April 14  Kabul march. This photo reads, "Where is justice? Wake up your conscience!" (Photo via Young Women for Change)
  2. More than ten years after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, activists there are warning of the threats to women's rights as the United States begins preparations to draw down its troops. 
  3. Women's stories from Afghanistan
  4. Advocates for Afghan women's rights have charged that the attention the cause once received from the US government has fallen aside in favour of negotiating the end of the country's occupation.
  5. In this clip from 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about the American commitment to Afghan women after meeting with female ministers from the country. 
  6. Secretary Clinton Provides Remarks With Afghan Women Ministers
  7. Al Jazeera's People & Power recently followed several young female activists in Afghanistan who are working to secure rights for women. 
  8. Young Women for Change has released films depicting the challenges women face from street harassment. Below, a clip from "My Voice."
  9. In this clip, director Anita Haidary, who is also a co-founder of Young Women for Change, speaks about the fight to improve women's lives in Afghanistan. 
  10. Anita Haidary '14 on Improving Lives of Afghan Women - Mount Holyoke College
  11. An advocate for women's rights, Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi is now candidate for the 2014 presidential election. She recently wrote an op-ed warning of the threats that may result from U.S. troops pulling out too soon. She also rejects negotiations with the Taliban. Below, Koofi speaks to a young girl about her work. 
  12. Young 9 year old activist interviews Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi
  13. A recent survey from USAID showed that many indicators of development for women have improved in Afghanistan since 2002-2003. 
  14. Despite improvements in security and education, the Taliban have reportedly caused more than 500 schools that educate girls to close. 
  15. Netizens called for a renewed focus on the women of Afghanistan, particularly as this month's NATO summit nears.