Is the U.S. ready for Muslims on reality TV?

A new programme on Muslim-Americans in Michigan takes a swing at stereotypes.


  1. Set in Dearborn, Michigan, "All-American Muslim" will premiere Sunday, Nov 13. Watch this sneak peek:
  2. All-American Muslim Trailer (Sneak Peek).mp4
  3. Muslim Comic Azhar Usman is known for his politically charged satire. Usman's "Allah Made Me Funny" comedy tour has provided an outlet for fellow Muslim comedians to share humor about their own experiences while exposing mainstream America to Islamic culture.
  4. Azhar Usman in Allah Made Me Funny
  5. We put out a call for our community to finish the hashlib #MuslimAmericanProblems. These are some of those tweets:
  6. @HindMakki noted that for American Muslims,
  7. @RaskolniTroll commented on how the mainstream media often presents biased views of Islam.
  8. @SammerAb poked fun at Muslim dietary restrictions, noting there is
  9. This clip from Bill Maher's Real Time shows how the American media often portrays Muslims.
  10. Bill Maher on Muslims: Radical Muslims vs Christians
  11. While "All-American Muslim" promises to present a picture of Islam in America, its focus is heavily biased towards the Arab community. According to a Council on American-Islamic Relations report, Arabs represent only 25% of Muslim-Americans.