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Egypt Erupts in Protest as Mubarak Calls Curfew

Fear factor broken as protests spread across Egypt and regional powers scramble to react. (This story was posted January 28, 2011)


  1. Unprecedented scenes unfold in Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria as tanks and protesters face off on the streets, defying Mubarak's call for curfew. 
  2. Egyptian blogger and activist Wael Abbas was somehow able to circumvent Internet block on Friday. He posted this video:
  3. Photos of tear gas canisters used by the Egyptian army and police were re-tweeted to highlight U.S. financing and military aid to Israel and Egypt.
  4. The U.S. government is now reviewing military aid to Egypt.
  5. Below, the video that allegedly prompted Mubarak to turn off the Internet.
  6. Egyptian Man Killed in Egypt Protest - Barbaric World, Primitive Species!
  7. Classified Wikileaks cable from U.S. Ambassador in Egypt contextualizes Mohammed ElBaradei's role in Egyptian politics.
  8. Dated in 2009 - another cable reveals that U.S. was well aware of

    "Torture and police brutality in Egypt are endemic and widespread. The police use brutal methods mostly against common criminals to extract confessions, but also against demonstrators..."

  9. Worldwide interest in Egypt reveals itself online.
  10. One Al Jazeera correspondent had to open a second Twitter account to work around the 1,000-tweets-per-day limit.
  11. A manual was distributed amongst activists to prepare fellow protesters for Friday's demonstrations. It included information on how to assemble a crowd strategically, how to combat armored police, and what kind of slogans to shout.

    Protesters were told not to share it online ahead of the the demonstrations to avoid government intervention.