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Twitter support for missing Turkish journalists

Adem Ozkose, Middle East correspondent for Gercek Hayat magazine and a columnist for Milat newspaper, and Hamit Coskun, a cameraman, have gone missing in Syria. Support for them has been gathering under the following hashtags: #ademozkose and #hamitcoskun


  1. Most of the tweets are in Turkish, so we have provided a rough English translation after each one.
  2. There is no news from our journalist friends in Syria, #ademozkose and #hamitcoskun. There will be a protest at midnight in front of the Syrian Consulate.
  3. I owe to people who have gone to document the cruelty in Syria. Those who feel they are in debt should come to the consulate.
  4. Our numbers in front of the consulate is over a hundred now, thank God every minute our brothers keep coming in threes and fives #hamitcoskun #ademozkose
  5. While we are waiting, the police are waiting with us.
  6. Well, even though our press isn't paying attention, security hasn't left us alone filming with their camera.
  7. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is and will be doing everything necessary for #ademozkose and #hamitcoskun who are in Syria -Ali Sarıkaya of the MFA
  8. We will be waiting for our friends in Ankara to come to the front of the Foreign Ministry in Ankara for #ademozkose and #hamitcoskun. Those who can't make it should send their prayers.