1. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sandra Bland was found dead in a Texas jail cell from apparent suicide by hanging on the morning of Monday July 13. The 28-year-old from the Chicago suburbs was arrested Friday July 10 in Waller County, north of Houston Texas for failing to signal when changing lanes.
  2. Bland was arrested and charged with assault of a public servant, according to the Waller County Sheriff. About 11 days later, the dash cam video of her arrest was released.
  3. Many were quick to notice some glitches in the more than 30 minute-long dash cam video.
  4. There has been even more questions around if Bland actually committed suicide. Her family issued a statement saying they're confident she was killed and did not commit suicide. Twitter users shared their confusion and concern over Bland's death.
  5. Bland posted a video to her Facebook page on March 2015 with her speaking out about the stereotypes surrounding police brutality and race.
  6. Some users expressed their concerns over reports that Bland was initially pulled over for failing to signal when she changed lanes.
  7. The conversation surrounding Bland's death has since turned to raising awareness of it.