Atlanta reacts to Conn. shootings

Tweets and Facebook posts from around Atlanta reacting to the school shootings in Newtown, Conn. Join the conversation using the speech bubble button to the right #atl4newtown

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  1. Many people died this past week, THIS IS A SHOUTOUT TO ALL those who past away: Larissa Araya, people who were killed at the mall shootings, and the 27 kindergardeners, school staff and parents of the shooter at Sandyhook.#newton#memorial#sandyhook#teachers#pray#likethis#kindergarden#innocent#shooting #cancer#heart #bone#sad
  2. I hope this town, these families find peace one day.
  3. i'm a first time mom and all of this is making my heart ache really badly. i just can't imagine what they are having to go through now. i just hope and pray that everything will get better and that their families will be blessed in the long run. but the good lord has called up 26 new angels and the angels up there are singing high and mighty for these new angels. and let the boy who did this rot in hell. he deserves it. let the ones in heaven walk the beautiful streets of gold and rest in peace. love from austell, ga. Amanda Lyle
  4. Poor babies :( May God bless their souls. May the adults rest in piece..they died protecting the little angels.This world is crazy.
  5. Very hard to read. Prayers for all the families who have lost.
  6. My heart is broken. I pray for all the people this horrendous crime has touched. All those precious little innocent angels gone way too soon. What has this world come to?
  7. WE r all praying for the families and love ones am SO SORRY for your loss one thing about it GODS GOT 20 beautiful new angels beside him .our thoughts to the staff and the other who we have not heard bout yet, not a very rich family here but can offer love and if can help in anyway plz let us know thnks and LOVE to u all
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the Victimes at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, CT....Just makes you really think twice about life....
  9. Words can't explain the pain and suffering in Newtown. My deepest condolences and my strongest prayers to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre. We are all here for you. Stay strong and know you are in our hearts. #sandyhook #connecticut #prayers #strength #love