How to check PNR status

PNR is the online documentation of the indian railway reservation system.PNR is short name for 'Passenger Name Record'

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  1. There are many technique that have been designed to check pnr status and irctc pnr status enquiry information to
    passenger to check online train pnr status enquiry.
    1. PNR status enquiry through online websites
    2. Current reservation status check using SMS
    3. Mobile applications
    4. Railway enquiry counters at railway station
    on website you all need to do is enter your 1o digit numbers into the box made available to you, after that click
    and submit button and you are done.
    via sms method of of checking pnr status, all you need is to have a code to send your message to provide number and
    Depending on the mobile service provider you use, settings or processes might vary.proceed charges may apply.
  2. Another method is to dial 139 which is a toll free number from your landline or mobile.After the three digit number
    has been dialed, follow the voice prompt. When voice prompt also known as interactive voice response is followed
    well, the best results will be achieved.
    PNR<your pnr number>
    for example -1023456789
    you can go to at railway station for all the queries.