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I love cats. I had a cat when I was a child. He was mostly red with white paws and the tip of his tails was white and he was dead cute and he lived to be 14 years old which is quite old for a cat. I don't know. I just understand cats and I think they understand me. I love them.

Lyndal Cairns

Works in digital media, nonprofit communications and social media. Greenie. Oft seen in a black hat.


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Milo Martinovich

Lets Get Aesthetic!

RJ King

Web designer at BurstSocial design studio. On Storify to get updates from universities, news outlets, and tech companies. I currently have no plans to write my own stories.

Łukasz Citowicz

Ross M. Hayduk

I am studying Convergent Media Production at City College of San Francisco.

Power Tools Rater

Power Tools Rater was started in August of 2012 with the goal of providing the most informative power tool reviews for the public. Joaquin Castaneda is a roofer from Akron, OH with over 14 years of experience in the trade. Because he tests the tools in the field, he is able to provide honest reviews that people trust. test

Michael Zee Zalnasky

angela hathaway

#PRGirl and one part of the @StyleSaveur trio. I also ride bikes and raise money for AIDS/HIV services.

Karen Falxa