Create A Reliable Retirement Income With Cashflow From An Apartment Building "You Own"

David Lindahl reveals how any person can create a five figure monthly income buying profitable apartment buildings using Other Peoples' Money, Time, and Effort..

  1. A Look Inside David Lindahl's Apartment House Riches
  2. In this time of transition to a new technology driven world, where jobs are being eliminated left and right, interest rates are zero and after a lifetime of saving, retirement income is far from certain. When faced with how to support yourself financially, buying an apartment building and managing it for cashflow remains one of the most reliable sources of income there is.
  3. For those willing to learn apartment investing and "lock in" their future financial security, this is a time of great abundance for apartment investing. There are increasing numbers of people renting, and many Southern states are seeing large in-migration due to their affordable rents and abundant job opportunities. The demand for housing in these states will remain undiminished for years to come.
  4. "But I don't have any money!" That's OK. Neither did any of the people who started with just their subsistence income, built large portfolios of apartment buildings, and now live in their dream homes living their dream lives.
  5. Apartment House Riches shows you how to find profitable apartment buildings to buy, how to negotiate great deals, how to raise all of the cash you need to buy the property and renovate it into great shape, how to fill the property with great tenants, and how to hire a competent management company to run the property at a profit for you.
  6. At the end of the process, you are free to just collect the free cashflow the property produces, and then go and do what it is you dreamed of doing in your retirement.
  7. "What if something goes wrong?" This is one of the secrets to having a successful apartment investment. Hiring a competent property management company will keep your property running at peak efficiency, even when things go wrong. Things will go wrong, it's part of life. But having a property management company that is professional, that "owns" their work, keeps you on the right side of the investor/landlord divide. Your role over the long term is you "manage" your property management company. As the owner, your job is to make decisions and collect the profits. The property manager's is to run the property.
  8. There is a new urgency in securing your financial future!

  9. Technology is steadily separating society into two groups. Group 1 is the top 20%, who either create machine technology, work machine technology to their advantage, or benefit from it in some way. Group 2 is the 80% whose jobs have been eliminated by technology, who have to compete against machine technology, or whose current education and skillset require them to work in sectors where wages are stagnating.
  10. The middle class is disappearing. The job market is getting more cut throat. If you were planning on continuing work after retiring, expect lots of competition, long hours, and low pay.
  11. CD rates are 1-2%, so if you have $100,000 you have saved throughout your work life, the most you can look forward to in your retirement from interest income is $2,000 per year. That won't pay for the high life in your golden years.
  12. It's easier to ask forgiveness, than permission.

  13. You don't have to wait for someone else to give you an opportunity to earn a healthy, solid five figures a month income. The truth is, that will never happen. Because opportunities for increased income are not given, "they are created". The "Road less traveled" that makes all the difference, requires effort. Simply decide, you are going to "do it". Your reward will be joining the top 20% of people in society whose incomes are increasing as time goes by, giving you the freedom to live the life you want and do all the things you dreamed of doing..
  14. It's worth saying that, unlike single family homes, "one apartment deal can change your life". A single 50 unit apartment deal in Dallas, or Austin, TX, once stabilized will throw off around $6,000 per month. Not enough? OK, a 200 unit deal in either of those markets will produce at least $20,000 net positive cashflow every month, once stabilized. With a competent property management company taking care of the details, your kids college tuition, your dream house, the vacations you have always wanted to take, they are all fully funded.
  15. Take action! Invest in your multifamily investor education now! Two years of solid work, following a proven blueprint buying profitable multifamily deals, and you are set for the rest of your life.
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