Disability & Accessibility Panels at CCCC 2015

Welcome to the archive of this year's (public) Conference on College Composition & Communication tweets that used the #4c15, #dis, & #access hashtags. I also curated tweets using the session-specific hashtags (i.e., the letter + number).


  1. The order of these tweets is predominantly chronological:
    1) accessible materials,
    2) general access/ibility comments, and
    3) conference sessions.

    For conference sessions, I included the names and paper titles for individual speakers to make it easier to follow who presented and so you can look up full-text copies and handouts by session number, name, or title on the Connected Community ( http://ncte.connectedcommunity.org/2015CCCC ). Please note: for sessions that I didn't attend and for which there weren't names attached to tweets, I had to rely on guesswork (and checking materials on the Connected Community) for proper attribution. If you note any errors, please let me know.
  2. This is a long text, which is truly a testament to the great work everyone is doing, so just keep scrolling & waiting for tweets to load. Enjoy!
  3. Accessible Materials: Full-Text Copies of Papers, Presentations, Handouts

  4. General Access/ibility Comments