Digital Storytelling Portfolio #ILT 5340


  1. Stories. I love stories. I love telling stories. I love reading stories. I love getting lost in stories. Stories help us remember. They give meaning and anchors for information. Stories build community and can be passed down from one generation to the next. Here is my story about my summer course in Digital Storytelling. It is a dramatic story filled with laughter, stress, tears, joy, challenges and success. This is a story worth telling

  2. When I started this class, I was honestly overwhelmed. So many new things to try out and I felt lost without the Canvas platform as an anchor. I have always said that I love an adventure, in fact, I prefer whitewater rafting to floating. But, I also crave structure and safety (I like to know about the river I am floating on and what is ahead) so it takes time for me to adapt. This was an eight-week summer class so gradually easing into it was not an option. It was time to jump into the raft and hope that if the rapids were too big, the shore would be close enough I could jump out for a bit and catch my breath.

  3. Here is my first tweet for class: My 4th tweet ever! Now I am at over 50 tweets!
  4. I actually got a response from one of the DS106 guys, @dograx, asking about the bridge in the picture.
  5. Welcome to DS 106. DS106 was a paddle I could grab onto to help me navigate the waters of digital storytelling. Once I figured out what was going on, the assignments became enjoyable - not easy, but enjoyable. DS 106 challenged me to learn how to edit pictures, explore Soundcloud, make gif's, design, and edit video. My theme for the semester was Exploring Your Own Backyard with Your Children and my assignments in DS106 were often based on that theme.

  6. Here are four of my favorites: A Vintage Poster based on our hike to Mt.Falcon, A Compilation Video of places we would like to visit in Colorado, a Music Video to You Are My Sunshine with footage from our hike to Hanging Lake, and Subway Art with words and descriptions that remind our family of our summer excursions.

  7. Hanging Lake - You Are My Sunshine
  8. All of these assignments tell the story of our summer together and are important reminders that we can have fun and find amazing things right in our own backyard!

  9. On one of our biking trips to Breckenridge, I found myself alone, waiting for my family to return while I guarded the bikes. Instead of grabbing my phone to check up on Facebook or Twitter, I sat and watched people. That same week in our readings, there was an article about The Importance of Being Alone in the Digital Era and I was able to relate that experience with what the author writing about.

  10. I found several interesting digital stories to critique that led to great adventures for Exploring Our Own Backyard. One of the first critiques was about Hiking the Colorado Trail. The video included only text and pictures. I used Jason Ohler's traits to critique this story.

  11. I loved the beautiful images and I think dialogue would have taken away from the video. Haley Cristea found this choice interesting as well. There are many ways to tell a story.

  12. I love letterboxing and I wanted to share this amazing free activity with others, so I found a digital story to critique that explained letterboxing. Once again I used Jason Ohler's traits to critique this story. Overall, I found the story did a great job of introducing "newbies" to the art of letterboxing. In fact, a couple people said they would like to try it out.