Brooks Patterson gets everyone talking, again


  1. Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson is again in the news. This time he's making national headlines. His recent interview to The New Yorker, which is yet to be published, has already got people talking about him. 
  2. And here's Patterson's interview with WJR AM760 radio reacting to the story.
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  5. And this is what some of our readers had to say.
  6. He's the man I voted for and I am proud of Him! Truth Hurts don't it Detroit...
  7. Yes some of what he says may be the truth, but I dont think it was appropriate for a county executive to speak that way publicly. The metro Detroit area can not begin a complete turn around until all of the negativity and racism is reduced (I know it will never be eliminated). Much of what l brooks says can also be applied to parts of Pontiac, but he hasn't tried to fix the problem in his own backyard yet either.
  8. And here's what people on Twitter said about Brooks.