Ethiopian journalist among women's voices silenced

Award-winning Ethiopian journalist, Reeyot Alemu is spending international women's month in the same place she's spent the last three years - Kality Prison outside Addis Ababa, where she is serving a five year prison sentence on trumped-up charges.


  1. On March 9th, as dozens of women took part in a 5K run in Addis Ababa organized by the authorities in honor of International Women's Day, some participants used the occasion to express their ardent desires for freedom and justice in Ethiopia.
  2. Among the slogans chanted by the protesters were calls for the release of Reeyot, among other journalists and political prisoners, according to reports from Ethiopian diaspora news sources. 
  3. Reeyot turned 33 in January. On the occasion, more than 530 journalists and well-wishers from around the world sent messages of support.
  4. Among the notable well-wishers was Pulitzer Prize-winning author and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, Samantha Powers.
  5. Nearly two months later, on Sunday March 16th, Reeyot reached her 1000th day in jail. She has now served a little more than half of her five year sentence and all around the world journalists and well-wishers echoed their solidarity and called for her release. 
  6. Among the notable well-wishers was Swedish journalist Martin Schibbye who was detained for nearly 15 months in the same prison as Reeyot and released in September 2012.