#AskAngel: #NationalMargaritaDay 2016 02 22


  1. Some people like #AskAngel with a theme. National Margarita Day provided a perfect one.

  2. Jermaine was stuck at his desk, so we helped him get into the party mood!

  3. Dave wasn't sure he would make it, so I tempted him with this.

  4. Shereese needed a break, so Jermaine and I helped her out.

  5. We discovered early on that margarita goodness is not limited to beverages. It all started when Brad tweeted about the windy night in Phoenix.

  6. Dave arrived, describing his rough week, so I offered him this:

  7. Ashlee had something to celebrate.

  8. But don't get the impression that we don't recognize a classic margarita around here.