#AskAngel does Milkshakes! February 29, 2016


  1. Last week we drank way too much for National Margarita Day, so this week we had wholesome milkshakes! Everyone loved the theme, although Quirk the Duck got a little grabby....

  2. Many of us came to #AskAngel after long and tiring days. At least some of us had FUN during the day. Dave shared cools photos of Autorama in Detroit.

  3. AND he spent time with the (moderately) powerful....

  4. For his hard work, I wanted to give Dave a Ninja Turtle milkshake, but I couldn't find one, so....

  5. Ashlee was trying to tweet while chasing after her kids, so I offered her these....

  6. Then we learned her son earned an award at school.....

  7. ....so we offered him this:

  8. Shereese arrived in time to score some s'more coffee milkshakes.

  9. When she learned about Angelique's crappy day, Shereese offered some encouragement:

  10. When Angelique learned about Shereese's crappy day, she offered her this: