1. On July 22, 2011, a bomb was set off in the government quarter of Oslo, Norway. A few hours later a youth organization was attacked by a gunman in that same country.

  2. The next day, famous pop singer Amy Winehouse was found dead.
  3. There would be plenty of storytelling had either of these events occurred in isolation.
  4. We had larger narratives to fall back on in each case.  Larger ideas about terrorism, the contrast created by a terrorist who was not a Muslim radical, how democracies ought to respond to attacks like these.
  5. Successful artists who throw their lives away, the legitimate struggle that is addiction.
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  8. The fact that the two events happened so close together, and in the order that they did, called upon another kind of story: moral outrage at the attention a celebrity death received relative to a human tragedy on a larger scale.
  9. I have seen this reaction before. At the time that Michael Jackson died, the Iranian elections had been a hot topic and were suddenly overshadowed. People didn't like that.