Top 10 Tomato Producing Countries


  1. Tomatoes that are consumed these days widely all over actually is a fruit plant known as Solanum lycopers. It is also a constituent of the nightshade family; the others are eggplant and potatoes. Since its cultivation, there is always a topic of debate for everyone that whether it is a vegetable or fruit. Although, the taste of a tomato is like a vegetable in real it is a fruit and one can say that clearly by seeing the seeds inside it like a fruit. Tomatoes are cooked in different cuisines alongside with various vegetables in all around the planet to bring out a special taste in those dishes. Except that, it is useful in cooking meat dishes as well. In many cuisines, tomatoes are served as a salad.
  2. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  3. Tomato is a staple food for a human kind, and also it is used in making ketchup, which could be easily made by squashing tomatoes and various additives. You can say that both tomatoes and potatoes are consumed hand in hand, as the ketchup and French fries is the best combo worldwide.Except all of this, tomatoes are also mostly used in making chicken Manchurian’s gravy, tomato soups and marinara sauce. In case of meat, it is useful in stews alongside onions in order to bring a flavor.
    Here is the total list of Top 10 Tomato Producing Countries,of course, China is at the first position as usual.
    1: China (52.7 million tonnes production)
    2: India (18.7 million)
    3: United States (14.5 million)
    4: Turkey (11.8 million)
    5: Egypt (8.3 million)
    6: Iran (5.97 million)
    7: Italy (5.62 million)
    8: Spain (4.9 million)
    9: Brazil (4.3 million)
    10: Mexico (3.53 million)
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  5. Tomatoes and potatoes are often recognized because of their health benefits. Tomatoes are also consumed in raw form on an individual basis in the form of salad. However, some of the tomatoes are so delicious, ripe and juicy that they got eaten by a farmer at the time of their cultivation.