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  1. Ronda Rousey won the UFC Octagon and she was generally considered as an impregnable force before she was defeated by Holly Holm surprisingly in the November 2015. In the consecutive 12 previous round she was completely unbeaten and exceptionally taking into her one fight that was against Miesha Tate that went over the first round. She lost her title because of several reasons like budding Hollywood career, hectic TV schedules and fighting for her title for continuously four times in the same year. People are expecting her to come back and to prove something in the coming days and they wanted to see her as a biggest UFC draw, her fans are waiting for her eagerly.So we will suggest that you must have to know about some of the Amazing Facts of Ronda Rousy, so that you get to know her better.
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  3. However, she resembles with one of those archetypal blondes,she is some part of Latino as well from the side of her mother. Although, her grandmother was Venezuelan and she mostly spoke high of her heritage. If you will compare her to her sister than regards to that her sister looks like a half Latino. These are some unusual Ronda Rousey facts that most of her diehard fans don’t familiar with. Explore further Personality Facts here as well.