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  1. CKVL 100,1 FM works under the ownership of La RadioCommunautaire de Ville Lasalle; the channel is located in Montreal. CKVL Radio provides a predominantly francophone medium of communication that encourages the population’s involvement in the local development and also promotes the social fabric development. It also hopes to encourage individuals in community skills and to learn through their participation in overall radio station operation. The DG and the president of the CKVL 100.1 FM are Pierre Brise-Boisand Philippe Tisseur. In 2008, the French language community radio came in to being after an ok sign from CRTC on 10 March 2006. The channel would work on100.1 MHz frequency with the wattage power of 150 w. A weekly transmission thatis of 126 hours would include regional and local news, weather and sports updates, music and programming according to the interest of the community. One more thing was decided that 116 hours of transmission would be locally produced content by the CKVL-FM whereas the remaining 10 hours would be telecasted through other community channels of the region.
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  3. Following is the programming of CKVL 100.1 FM:
    Bulle bien-être
    Samedi de lire
    Coin Maroc
    Carrefour des ainés
    Clic Franco
    Brunch Country
    Smitty in the Citty
    Simplement Country
    Ça commence ici !
    L’histoire de la musique
    ALL Feel Mix
    TOP 10 CKVL
    Les Spécimens
    MTL Monde
    Coco Jazz
    Dans la rue des souvenirs
    Comme il folk
    Un jour à la fois
    In August 2012, the administrative renewal of the license of a station was made by CRTC; valid until August 2013. CKVL 100.1 FM approaches tothe ears of every Francophone listeners online with programmation info,concours, CKVL Membership, évènements and much more stuff to enjoy. Sociallyconnect yourself with 100.1 FM on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook andYoutube. For website, visit this: