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  1. TSN 1050 sports Canadian radio, based in Toronto, currently,its ownership is held by Bell Media. It was formed in 1945. In 1944, a license was granted by Dept. of Transport to the York Broadcasters for a station with 1000 w ERP. By the Sep 1945, the proper construction of its facilities was not finished yet; on 28 October 1945, CHUM was on-air for the first time from its offices and studios at 21 Dundas Square. On 18 May 1955, the transmitter office of the channel was transferred to Yonge, Street North York. In 1957, the wattage of CHUM was further incremented to 2500 w. At that period, the format for a station was hit music/top50. On 12 June 1958, its power was once more incremented to 5000 watts, and the position of offices and studios were changed to 1331 Yonge Street. On 27 April 1959, the company changed its name toCHUM-1050 Ltd. In August 1964, effectively radiated wattage was again incremented to 50,000 watts. On 12 May 1967, the owner company was also renamed into CHUM Ltd.
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  4. On 26 March 2009, CHUM was renamed into CP24 Radio 1050, butthen finally it was rebranded as TSN Radio 1050. TSN 1050 AM can be listened online by fans with a great variety of sports coverage containing CFL, NHL,MLB, NBA, UFC, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, etc. You can find much more things online as well like live shows, Podcasts, news related to Toronto Maple Leafs, JAYS,RAPS and contests. Follow your favorite TSN 1050 Toronto channel Online hereon this site: