List of Smallest Countries in the World

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  1. In our daily routine life, most of the times we hear about an independence of some country somewhere around the world. So the number of countries are going on increasing with every passing by day. So in the respective article, the number of new nations are mentioned. All countries differ in their population and size. Few of them have large areas while some of them contain a very little landmass. Some of them are considered as the best place for tourism while few are just popular because of some other reasons. By population wise, some are considered highly dense whereas some are just thin population. According to a list that is generated in the year 2017, Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world. Further countries are also listed below:
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  3. List of Smallest Countries in the World:
    1: Vatican City (0.44 km per square area)
    2: Monaco (1.98)
    3: Nauru (21)
    4: Tuvalu (26)
    5: San Marino (61)
    6: Liechtenstein (160)
    7: Marshall Islands (181)
    8: Saint Kitts and Nevis (261)
    9: The Maldives (300)
    10: The Republic of Seychelles (450)

  4. Vatican is the tiniest but quite tough country of the world because of its population and area. As it contains the very small area that is why it hasn’t any single street address. In 1929, Vatican City was introduced to the world as an independent state according to a Lateran Treaty.
    Country name= Vatican City
    Location= Rome, Italy
    Capital= Vatican City
    Total landmass= 0.44 km2
    Currency= Euro
    Official Language= Latin, Italian
    Dialing Code= +379
    Population= 836
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  6. The thing about these smallest countries is that they don’t have permanent citizens, the person who works for the country will be termed as a citizen, and his/her citizenship will only last until he works for the country. They day when a person will stop working will be the last day of his/her citizenship. Except that, the country holds strong economy, and it also has a military for its defense. The second place in the list is Monaco after Vatican City; it is the second smallest nation in the world that has a total area of a 2.02-kilometer square.