List of Countries Producing Most Potatoes

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  1. Potatoes are known to be the tuberous plant that was cultivated and discovered in Spain in the 16th century. You will be surprised to learn about that in the early ages potatoes were not considered as edible and recognized as unfit for health, even poisonous. Potatoes are related with nightshade family, same like tomatoes and eggplant. These days potatoes are consumed versatility and demanded really high because of its vast usage in fast food industry. Potato is one of the most consumed food in the world and all because of its huge annual growth rate in the fame.
  2. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  3. The best and the most popular culinary product of the potato is not other than French fries, these fries are prepared in various ways using diced and sliced potato fingers. It is also commonly baked in western cuisines. When we see that in the scenario of Asian and African methods, they usually boil them and use them in different types of curries or just mix them up with other different vegetables. It is simple that production of potatoes is gigantic in all over the globe, but still here are listed few nations with high annual production of potatoes.

  4. List of Countries Producing Most Potatoes in the World:
    1: China (96.13 million production in tonnes)
    2: India (46.4 million production)
    3: Russia (31.5 million production)
    4: Ukraine (23.7 million production)
    5: United States (20.05 million production)
    6: Germany (11.6 million production)
    7: Bangladesh (9.45 million production)
    8: France (8.05 million production)
    9: Poland (7.69 million production)
    10: Netherlands (7.1 million production)
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  6. As this starchy vegetable is highly demanded by almost every household, potatoes are said to be the one of those vegetables which are only produced just for edible reasons. Here there is entirely different situation,for the first time we are seeing Europe having the most nations in the list of to 10 vegetable producing countries, this time it’s not Asia.