Interesting Facts About Jupiter

Here are some amazing facts about Jupiter Planet

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  1. You may have a theory that Earth is the biggest planet of all and it contains billion of people along with even more billions of animals and you are true about your theory. In a struggle of crossing half of the Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus took more than two months. However, from traveling to New York towards L.A, it takes a month barely through a road trip. All of the sayings about Earth as the biggest planet just useless when we came across the fact about the Biggest Planet of our Solar System. And without any doubt, you can easily point out Jupiter as the Biggest from all. Get further Interesting Facts here as well.
  2. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  3. Here we are going to explain some of the important and Interesting Facts about Jupiter, which is surely a mammoth size planet.

  4. The Perpetual Storm
    Jupiter has Rings
    We Owe Our Lives to Jupiter
    Jupiter Probes
    Gravity and Magnetic Field
    The Oblong Spheroid
    The Naked Eye
    The Astronomical Unit
    Galileo’s Jupiter
    Fitting Name
    Without Comparison

  5. Let’s put it in this way that if we shrink the sun to the apple, then Jupiter would be a simple bite out of it and in this case Earth will be considered as the small seed in that bite. The total mass of the earth is 1.90 x 10^27 kilogram the mass of Jupiter worth 317 times more than that of Earth. To completely fill up this gap, 1300 heaps of Earth should be packed into a gas giant. The mean diameter of Jupiter is 139,822 km which is as equal as to the diameter of 11 piles of earth standing side to side, and the mean diameter of Earth is 12, 742 km.