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  1. Info Radio 88.1 Victoriaville is considered as the original concept which let the municipalities to deliver information about tourists 365days and 24 hours directly to travelers paying a visit to them. In 1993, the radio station named as Radio Événement came into existence whose brand name was later in 1998 changed to Info Radio. The tagline used for Info Radio 88.1 is Tourist Station in Quebec! (La radio touristique au Québec!). Info Radio 88.1 can be operated at the travelers' hut or anywhere in the municipality. The station advises visitors of local activities, restaurants,attraction to visit, hotels/accommodations and also about historical places. It lets the municipalities to contain a permanent information of virtual tourism agent with small cost, or it may be self-financing via local advertisements.
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  3. The station which is located in Victoriaville is Canada’s emergency radio network member and will lead the role whenever there is a national emergency. La Radio Touristique Info is linked with the most popular social platforms to guarantee maximum coverage of media. Info Touristique FM can listen online on the official website and follow your channel LaTouristique 88.1 FM on Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Facebook. Here you can see the website: