Amazing Facts About Sharjah

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  1. Sharjah is considered as the third largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates having thousand sq. Miles length. Among the total population of U.A.E that is 10 million in numbers, more than 1.4 million lives in Sharjah. It is also a capital of Tourism in the United Arab Emirates and also contains rich cultural and artificial significance in UAE. It has also put forward into the technological aspects regarding infrastructure of UAE. The ruler and the Supreme Council of UAE these days is Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi. Hold your horses; we are going to explore some Fascinating Facts about Sharjah.
  2. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

  3. If you ask a question about the Tourism Capital City of the UAE then without any doubt, you will hear about either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.However, this is not at all as of 2015 the tourism Capital City of United Arab Emirates is Sharjah. Why they named Sharjah as a Capital for tourism? Here is the answer because it is well known for modern infrastructure and contains amazing cultural heritage which stuns the visitors. If you talk about Dubai,then it is just some ultramodern technology that pretenses as the shopping mall and it has nothing much now which it was once. If you are looking for some of the facts related Sharjah then here’s the one that it represents a variety of tradition, culture and archaeological sites along with a tremendous generosity in the means of shopping and leisure.
    Sharjah also contains vast reserves of oil like other Middle Eastern countries and Emirates, and it comprises a significant amount of GDP of country’s economy. In Spite of that, one of the surprising fact related to Sharjah is that in the last ten years its prosperity has been increased relatively and mainly depends on the Natural gas which is discovered in Arabian Gulf.