In Wake of Ashley Madison Disaster, a New Generation of Security-Focused Sites Springs Up

When online affair site Ashley Madison was hacked and its database released.

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  1. When online affair site Ashley Madison was hacked and its database released to the public, there can be no doubt that lots of real-world damage was done. Although it is impossible to measure or summarize the negative effects of that incident, media accounts of breakups and divorces were not hard to find. Far from writing this option off entirely, though, those who became most acutely aware of the problem have, in general, mostly resolved to be more careful in the future.

    That has resulted in the launch of a number of new services that promise to learn from the lessons of Ashley Madison. Touting security and unbreakable anonymity as founding principles, they aim at making it possible for those seeking their own affairs to do so in safety and comfort.

    While stronger security is one facet of this mission, another important factor is the assortment of tolls that are offered to users. Ashley Madison itself, as a pioneer in the field, provided a fair variety of means for users to interact. The new generation of sites goes well beyond that, however, while also remaining focused intently on the twin virtues of anonymity and security.

    More than one "New dating site launched..." heading of recent times has therefore led readers to a site of an innovative, less traditional kind. At affairhub users, for example, have access to a whole host of tools that would have boggled the minds of those who stuck to first-generation sites of this kind.

    Users of affair hub, for example, gain immediate access to real-time webcam chat services that are engineered from the ground up to be secure. Unlike traditional chat systems, where a bit of carelessness can leave traces that others are likely to stumble upon and understand, systems of this kind are virtually leak proof. Instead of leaving behind caches, thumbnails, favorites listing and other tell-tale signs, they clean up after themselves automatically and reliably, making sure that their users will not be exposed.

    Sites of this kind offer the same kinds of safety and peace of mind when it comes to image sharing and the like. As with the popular mobile app Snapchat, many allow their users to automatically remove images that they send off, making it far less likely that evidence will remain past its intended expiration date. While arranging and conducting an affair will never be entirely free of risks, sites that have learned from the lesson of Ashley Madison are therefore making it more so.