online cheap insurance quotes

online cheap insurance quotesonline cheap insurance quotes


  1. online cheap insurance quotes
  2. online cheap insurance quotes
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. My son's car was totaled and the insurance company offered us a very low price?
  6. My son was rear ended at a high rate of speed. He was pushed 6 feet into the car in front of him. The guy had to really be moving when he hit my son. He was driving a 1999 Chevy Lumina LS. The blue book value according to NADA is $5000. It only had 78,000 miles onthe car. No rust on the body and overall in excellent shape. The insurance company offered me $3600 for the car. I can NOT find a replacement car in that shape for that price..."
  7. How can i get a car by using a cheap car insurance ?
  8. I am in need.
  9. Incorrect no claims bonus quoted on my renewal for car insurance?
  10. I have recently had my renewal quote through from my current car insurer and have noticed it states more years for my no claims bonus then I've actually got. I've looked back at my previous paperwork and it looks like I made a massive error. I really wanted to stay with the same insurer but know I will need to inform them of the error. Has anyone been in this situation before? Not sure what happens! :0
  11. What car and insurance?
  12. hi can anyone help my daughter wants a car she likes the fiat punto td sx i think it is and the vauxhall corsa merit and the citroen saxo and the ford ka and fiesta what is the best car for a first time car and what has the most cheap insurance as it would be a provisional licsence ? and what website has the most cheap insurance? if anybody has any idears for any other cars like these please help also is auto trader any good? thanks any Question plz ask
  13. How much is motorcycle insurance for a 21 year old?
  14. I'm 21 and I'm gonna get a motorcycle I just wanted to know how much some of you 21 year olds pay for motorcycle insurance
  15. What would be the average income of a part time insurance agent?
  16. I was recently offered a job for when I get out of high school as an insurance agent. The lady said it would be a good job for me to have during college. I have other job offers and am considering this one. I know that in a sales field like this one there are many possibilities on how high or low your income could be, but I was just wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of what I could expect to make as an insurance agent while going to college."
  17. What is average insurance rate for liability only for a 19 year old female?
  18. in N. C. on a family type car
  19. Looking for good company to buy term life insurance?
  20. My husband and I recently purchased a home and have a baby on the way. We are desperately searching for a solid insurance company to purchase a 20yr level term life policy. I have gotten a quote from an independent insurance agent that suggested for Primerica at $95/mo (for both of us with a disability waiver rider) (note: agent is family member), one from SelectQuote for Banner Life (never heard of them) at $64.97/mo for same coverage and waiver, and one from another insurance finder for ING at $72.70. ING has had a good rating but I think they have just been demoted slightly from AM Best and S&P. Any info I find online for customer reviews are all negative for every company I look at (not a single positive review for any). I'm not quite sure how these rates vary so widely. I would rather spend a couple extra dollars a month for peace of mind but I am truly at a loss of what to do. Can anyone make any suggestions or recommendations for a company to go with or look into? Thanks."
  21. Car Insurance think my car is a write-off but independent garage think otherwise?
  22. My car (an 05 Peugeot 206) was involved in an accident (which was my fault but thankfully no other vehicle or persons involved) and there's been some damage to the front of my car (bonnet, grill etc.) - I've rung my insurer and they believe it's a write-off but I've asked them to send an assessor to check the damage. I've also had an independent garage look at the car (as someone else said that they did this in a similar scenario) who believe its not a write-off and they can repair it (450 was quoted for parts!!). He's sending me a quote for insurance work and a quote if it was done for cash. Can I get my insurer to use this garage if their assessor still deems it a write-off? If not, what are my options? This is my first time claiming insurance and I've got no real idea!!"
  23. Can you have more than one car insurance providers?
  24. I have a car buy my insurance will be threw the roof so I got my mum to be the legal owner f my car etc and I'm an additional driver and me and my mum will be insured for that car but she has her own insurance for her own car can we do it that way and she can have 2 insurance providers and I'm just insured for one of the cars with my own insurance
  25. How much would insurance cost for a mini moto?