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Why do 100 thousand Asian immigrants come to Silicon Valley each year?

We are exploring the relationship between Asia and Silicon Valley for Al Jazeera's 101 East Program. This is the starting point of our discussion. You can follow the documentary as it is being made. Just go to and use the #EastMeetsTech hashtag on social media.


  1. Bangalore, Beijing and Singapore have all been touted as the next Silicon Valley. But take a look around the San Francisco Bay area and you will see that America's tech industry is driven largely by Asian engineers and entrepreneurs. 

    California receives about three times as many immigrants from Asia as Latin America. The vast majority of the Asian-American population (at least 83%)  trace their roots to six countries: China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam. 
  2. Is the high number of Asian immigrants solely because of the tech industry? We would like to hear from you about who you think are the most successful Asian entrepreneurs and engineers in the San Francisco Bay area.
  3. As we follow the story, we will look at calls by  the tech industry to allow more immigration... 
  4. The economic relationship between Silicon Valley and Asia... 

  5. And some of the issues and stereotypes Asian Americans and immigrants face in the US. 
  6. Let us know if you want us to follow any leads. Tweet or Instagram #EastMeetsTech to let us know your thoughts. Right now, we are in the research phase and will be filming in late June. At StoryLab, you help us to shape the story.