Curating Breaking News: Explosion in Berlin

This Storify was created as an academic exercise for the MIT course "The Future of News and Participatory Media," examining the curation of on-the-ground reactions to a breaking news event. Please be advised that some content may be considered disturbing.

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  1. At around 8:00am local time, the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg was rocked by a sudden explosion.
  2. Speculation began quickly, both from the area and those monitoring the breaking news from afar.

  3. The explosion came from a major road in the largely residential area, where a Volkswagen Passat apparently exploded, flipping in the air after a bomb went off either in or near the vehicle.

  4. The driver of the car initially managed to escape the vehicle, but succumbed to his injuries.

  5. Police converged on the scene. They instructed residents to remain indoors while the scene was cleared.
  6. Live footage was pulled by this YouTube user from Periscope. Translation for recorded discussion not available.
  7. New Video Berlin car bomb explodes in street killing driver as police warn resident to stay indoors

  8. As the news spread, reactions began pouring in from around the world.