Adwords Unleashes the Idea of Negative Keywords and What They Mean in Modern Marketing

An online marketing consultant covers every strategy and idea in the wide world of web marketing.


  1. An online marketing consultant covers every strategy and idea in the wide world of web marketing. Adwords is one of the newest and potentially most peculiar. The concept of Adwords has introduced a few puzzling and attractive new ideas to SEO, including negative keywords.

    Negative keywords

    Negative keyword is an omission of a word. It works as follows. A company sells a niche product. In this case, they sell humorous t-shirts. The company wants to rank for any keywords that state ‘funny’ or ‘comical’ t-shirts. They also want to rank for ‘teenage’ and ‘youth.’ The company does not sell athletic gear, so any word with ‘sports’ or ‘athletic' needs to be omitted. What about the keyword string, ‘funny athletic t-shirts.’ The brand does not sell athletic gear in any capacity, so they would need to use a negative keyword so they are not ranking for these searches.

    The Purpose of Targeting

    A facebook ads manager may ask the question, why is this a problem? Companies want hits and they want views. There is a common argument in marketing that suggests that a view is a view, and it could lead to a sale. Though this is intrinsically true, it is also slightly backwards. Without a demographic and focus, every potential web traveler is a potential buy. If this is the case, why bother target marketing at all? The efforts need to pinpoint the correct demographic or else the net is spread too wide. If one wants to catch spearfish, they need to fish in a very specific area. They cannot just set a net over Florida and cross their fingers.

    PPC Logic

    There is also another consideration. Adwords enforces a payment for every click. A visitor looking for athletic gear may potentially buy a non-athletic shirt. The chances are low. Is it worth paying for that click when the visitor may not be immediately interested in the product anyway?

    There are hundreds of aspects to discuss under the larger umbrella of Adwords marketing with a seo consultant. It is complicated, potentially overwrought, and yet riddled with potential. Hiring an adwords management service is becoming more necessary by the day. The complications, including negative keyword usage, are becoming more detailed and ambitious as the months pass. The time commitment for Adwords may have been a few hours every week in the past. Now, it requires a small team who understands the changing complexities of an entirely new marketing channel.