Don't Let Unhappiness Kill Your Marriage

A healthy marriage requires that both parties be happy and satisfied with the relationship.


  1. A healthy marriage requires that both parties be happy and satisfied with the relationship. If one person is unhappy for any reason, this can have a significant effect on the other person’s happiness as well as the sustainability of the relationship. While some people are under the impression that it is very difficult to tell if their spouse is unhappy, the reality is often the opposite. Any person who takes the time to truly look at their partner can quickly discover whether or not there is an issue and whether or not they should be searching get your ex back for assistance.


    A sign of an unhappy partner is a partner that seems to be withdrawing from the relationship. Withdrawing doesn’t have to be something as significant as a spouse who is cheating or not coming home, withdrawing can also be more subtle.

    A partner’s decreased interest in spending time enjoying activities with their partner that they once did or working later than necessary are just some of the signs of a partner who is pulling back from the relationship. If you notice your spouse behaving this way, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the relationship that should be addressed quickly.


    Another indication that there might be a problem in the relationship is one person’s irritability. All people have stressful periods and moments where something as minor as a pen dropping is enough to send them off the deep end; however, when these types of occasions start to become the norm, it might be time to turn on your radar and focus in on the issue.

    In some instances, some people come off as irritable because they recognize a problem with the relationship, but they don’t know how to address this with their partner. Instead of expressing their concerns, they keep them inside which can often lead to anger and therefore explain the irritable or agitated behavior.

    Resolving Unhappiness

    In some instances, an unhappy marriage can be saved with the help of a professional. Some couples try to resolve the problem on their own, but this oftentimes leads to greater issues and deeper levels of unhappiness. Relying on the expertise of a Relationship Advice professional can help you and your partner get to the bottom of the issues with unhappiness so that the problem can be resolved and the two of you can move forward in a happier relationship.

    A small issue doesn’t have to be the reason for the end of something so special and significant as a marriage. All couples at some point can use the assistance that a marriage advice counselor can afford to them. Make sure you are getting your marriage help and the relationship advice you need whenever necessary.