Gamergaters on doxxed srhbutts

With proof, of course. I have edited out personal info but this contains heavy usage of slurs.


  1. Srhbutts is a twitter user who has been critical of the Gamergate revolt/mob. On December 31st, users of the /gamergate/ board on doxxed Sarah and began harassing her.
  2. Allow me to define some terms for those unfamiliar with chan culture. Doxxing is the collection of personal information into one place. First, this brings latecomers up to speed on what has been found and allows the group to continue stalking their target to get more personal information, which they call digging. Second, it allows less tech savvy users the opportunity to join in on the harassment without needing investigative skills. This harassment is called trolling, which is to use the information to provoke a reaction that the group will find funny. Here is an example of such a reaction:
  3. Hotwheels, the owner of has said that collecting publically available information into an archive is not doxxing. This sidesteps the point of collecting this information. Here is the doxx that were posted on Wednesday. I can't post the because it's full of personal info.
  4. Using the username and information provided by the original poster, the users search other websites for more information. Again, this portion is referred to as digging.
  5. Members of Gamergate are known to stalk their critics to their homes or workplaces. To avoid this, srhbutts had used a internet handle with no history. Her mistake was to post comments on a blog using an alternate handle with her avatar unchanged. Using the email address with the same username, they use the first link below to find a website registered to the address. A whois on the website turns up her last name.
  6. Friends, decade old livejournals, dead parents. Nothing is off limits to the stalking.
  7. Note that most of these user ID's are unique. This is not the actions of a few lone wolves. Members of Gamergate claim that their critics of Gamergate are connected to corruption in the video gaming industry. Thus, this investigation (I use the term loosely) is necessary to show that connection.
  8. This is false. The point of this collaborative effort is to find information to embarrass and silence their victim. Here is the current thread they have on srhbutts.
  9. ED means Encyclopedia Dramatica. This is a wiki run by imageboard users that contains entries mocking various internet celebrities, among other things. In the previous thread, they discussed moving this information to the encyclopedia. As of this writing, all the links to archives of her personal info are still there, including address and name.
  10. The culmination of all this is the 'trolling' This is the twitter account in the first picture.
  11. He has been a part of Gamergate for at least three months.
  12. Those tweets in the first image are him sending pictures from srhbutts Deviantart to srhbutts Twitter. He's taunting her to provoke a reaction and show her that she's going to be doxxed.
  13. Here, a user on a separate board uses the information provided in the doxx to send two empty boxes to Sarah's house. The message is unmistakable: We know where you live.
  14. Here are Gamergate celebrities sharing the doxx on Encyclopedia Dramatica.