Taking on the #RealWorldLunch

On Friday Oct. 14, the Radio-Television department held its annual Real World Lunch to welcome back alumni to give advice to current students about the real world. I participated in the content managers' session and learned a lot!


  1. As someone who is close to looking for a job very soon, I found the tips for looking for a job most useful. 
  2. The room topics bounced from how to become better producers, which includes practicing our writing and getting faster, to discussing the role of social media and the web in position position. 
  3. Giving Advice about the Morning Show as Jen sends her to Randy
    Giving Advice about the Morning Show as Jen sends her to Randy
  4. Alumni also provided some great tips for once we get a job....
  5. Jonathan Coffman added: "Having balance is oh so important for sure. If you don't take time for yourself you'll burn out and no one needs that! This is especially true with social media, iPhones, etc we have to stay in touch with each other -- your employer can always reach you, so you've got to find what the boundaries are."
  6. I learned so much from the #realworldlunch and it was great to hear from people actually in the biz. One of the greatest tips I got was to find out if there are MU grads in the newsroom or market you are looking at. If there are, talk to them! They will be offended if you don't and it will make you look bad.