Muslim Ms. Marvel: #KalamaKorps, Colbert & Conan

Kamala Khan's Marvel Comics adventures don't start until February, and Twitter can't wait.

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  1. Only true superhero devotees are likely to know the name Ms. Marvel, a moniker sometimes used by the current Captain Marvel and briefly employed by a fill-in member of the Fantastic Four. However, when Marvel Comics released the news at the beginning of November that there would be a new Ms. Marvel, that she'd be an American Muslim teen, and that she'd be written by G. Willow Wilson (Air, Cairo, Alif the Unseen) --
  2. -- it got very positive attention from a number of groups, from geeks to minorities to women (and sometimes all three at once):
  3. Even Willow herself was touched by the initial outpouring of excitement:
  4. And then, one might say, it started to go big:
  5. And international:
  6. (And, yes, to be fair, even a bit negative:)