Grids and Gestures: Exercise, Commentary, and Gallery #gridsgestures

Nick Sousanis, in the days just before both winning a 2016 Lynd Ward Prize and being nominated for an Will Eisner Comics Industry Award, put out a curious call: send him non-representational comics.


  1. Draw your day.
  2. Nick Sousanis on Twitter
    Nick Sousanis on Twitter
  3. Or, to be more specific, participate in "a collective comics-making activity" masterminded by award-winning Unflattening author and lecturer Nick Sousanis.
  4. In early April, Sousanis put out the call on Twitter for people to participate in his "Grids and Gestures" challenge. Developed over several years of in-class instruction, "Grids and Gestures," documented on the SANE (Sequential Art in Narrative Education) Journal, was being expanded to the Twitterverse:
  5. And the Twitterverse responded in kind:
  6. And then the art began flowing in from all around the world:
  7. And that art became interspersed with commentary: