Thoughts on the ASEC2015 - Day One

INCOSE UK Annual Systems Engineering Conference 'Systems Engineering comes of age'

  1. Jigsaw pieces bridging the gap
    Jigsaw pieces bridging the gap
  2. When INCOSE announced the conference, we scrambled to get a place as soon as possible. It was bound to be an interesting and quite certainly useful experience, as well as finally meeting all the people haven't seen for a while, and some new ones also. So here are my impressions after the first day.

  3. Heythrop Park, Enstone, Oxfordshire - a very nice location.
  4. Somebody's complaining :)

  5. Introduction

  6. INCOSE UK president is opening the conference. Some words on the coming day and the emergency exits.
  7. Then the Technical Director proceeds to the morning reading. New children's book just launched.
  8. #ASEC2015 Jon Holt, @incoseuk technical director, reading his new #STEM children's book called "Think Engineer"
    #ASEC2015 Jon Holt, @incoseuk technical director, reading his new #STEM children's book called "Think Engineer"
  9. Now, either the lection is mesmerizing, or the book is really good. Enjoyed the reading very much.
  10. Think it's available for pre-order, but I'm already keen to get a couple for the kids in my family.

  11. Keynote: Deborah Seddon, Head of Policy and Standards, Engineering Council UK

  12. Deborah Seddon of the Engineering Council opens the @INCOSEUK #asec2015. Message "we need more engineers in the UK".
    Deborah Seddon of the Engineering Council opens the @incoseuk #asec2015. Message "we need more engineers in the UK".
  13. Lots of brilliant engineers in the UK, but we still need more. Talking about ways to attract young people to engineering. There's still a relatively low percentage of women, so lots of untapped potential there.
  14. EngTech IEng and CEng each an end in its own right, and there is progression #asec2015 keynote
  15. Lots of interest in professional development from @incoseuk systems engineers #asec2015 #incoseuk.
  16. Lots of routes in to engineering; experiential, recognised degrees, and more. More using individually assessed route #asec2015 keynote
  17. Deborah Seddon: there's no standard route to the engineering profession #incoseuk #asec2015
  18. #asec2015 prof engineering is exercising responsibilities in ethical manner. Thanks to Deborah Seddon from #engineeringcouncil

  19. When Two is Company but Three is not a Crowd

  20. Best paper from @incose_org Seattle, don't leave teams to chance; plan! Represented by @richbsys at #asec2015 @incoseuk
  21. Always do reviews, of course. However, have you ever though how to pair the creator-reviewer team? Both can be more or less good performers, but never create a poor-poor team!
  22. Interesting paper on team balance this morning at @incoseuk #asec2015. I'm an ENTJ so feeling a bit conflicted!
  23. I especially enjoyed the grumpy old men illustration. Everyone has their own talent, things started to fall into place for me.
  24. Everyone has a place on the team.Everyone has the chance to learn and grow. Best paper from @incose_org Int'l -Andy Pickard #asec2015
  25. Richard happy to get over the last moment notice substitute presentation.
  26. Always challenges. Survived lead presenter not making for #asec2015 presentation of # is 2015 best paper on teaming. Went well I think

  27. Integrating Requirements Engineering Practices

  28. "We've derisked the project & helped clean up part of Britain's nuclear legacy" Frazer-Nash on #ReqEng benefits in decommissioning #ASEC2015
  29. A Case Study from the Nuclear Decommissioning Sector
  30. #asec2015 decommissioning mindset needed in nuclear. Gets to life cycle and functional thinking. Examples of #systemsthinking

  31. From Catalogues to Models: transitioning from existing requirements techniques to MBSE

  32. The transition to MBSE is not always straightforward. How to keep the existing investment (tools, processes), and cherry-pick the best bits of MBSE to reap its benefit - a hybrid approach?
  33. Question time!

  34. MBSE and the Silver Bullet: A modern Fairy Tale

  35. There are several myths around introducing MBSE will result in sudden great quality and no cost. Often regarded as a mystical weapon that will dispatch the evils of modern SE. Effortless solutions only exist in fairy tales.
  36. Any change induces fear creates resistance. It's normal to encounter resistance, how one handles it is what matters.
  37. Demystifying and mitigating resistance.
  38. Resistance is futile!

  39. Requirements Based Testing and MBSE in Defence

  40. Moving over to the MBSE Working Group

  41. Network rail is presenting their approach to MBSE with UML.

  42. Have I Got Tools for You?

  43. Formal methods not applicable for *most* SE applications- panel on tools #asec2015
  44. Is pencil and paper the best tool at the start of a project? #asec2015
  45. When creating a model you need to know what it is for. #asec2015
  46. As a user there is a need to export a model from one tool and import to another. Interpretation risks. #asec2015
  47. You can exchange data but not diagrams. Need a standard for visualisation. Tools panel at @incoseuk #asec2015
  48. #asec2015 from tool panel - you don't become great writer by being MSWord expert but by writing. Tools support / enable

  49. A gathering to discuss the new INCOSE SE Handbook. Guess it was interesting and informative, didn't participate.
  50. System Thinking might need a conference on itself. Just saying ... :)
  51. #asec2015 #systemsthinking in 4th lecture now. Noone has mentioned systems thinking. It must be seen as core #systemsengineering enabler
  52. And finally, I subscribe to that. Eager for the follow-up tomorrow.
  53. Very informative and inspirational first day at @incoseuk #asec2015 Looking forward to day 2.