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A New School Year in Kitsap

As a new school year begins, parents throughout Kitsap County posted photos and thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as well as sent some to the Kitsap Sun. We've compiled some of those here.


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  2. I said to my daughter Laila while brushing her hair this morning "Are you nervous?" She said "Last year I was, but this year I'm not. I'm excited, I'm in 3rd grade now, I get to meet new and see some old friends, my teacher seems real nice and school work isn't so hard if I just really try hard and enjoy it!" Wow, I felt so good hearing that this morning, makes me feel like I've done something right raising a well rounded young lady. :0)

  3. Advice from parents to kids on the first day of school:

  4. My daughter started at a school where she only knows a few people. I told her to be her self and stand tall, she will attract good people! Confidence goes along way. I hope everyones kids have a good day back!!
  5. Yes. With each new school year, you get a fresh start. Go get 'em!
  6. Listen to that voice in your head and encourage yourself! ...she did crack a smile :)

  7. Advice from kids to parents:

  8. My older boys advised me not to follow them to the bus stop with the camera, lol.
  9. She told me to stop crying, she'll be back home soon lol
  10. ‎"Mom I know it's my sr year, but can you please try and pull yourself together"! Lol I was crying.. But only because I had my house all to myself again:).