Live-Tweeting the Teaching History Online Panel at AHA 2012

A collection of the live-tweeting I did (plus a few others I re-tweeted as well) for the panel on teaching history in online classes at the 2012 American Historical Association annual conference in Chicago this last weekend. The panel took place in the afternoon on Friday, January 6, 2012.


  1. So here we go. The panel was called: "Successfully Teaching History in the Online Environment: Experiences, Tips, and Thoughts." You can find more information about this panel and its presenters from the AHA's online program here.
  2. Just for clarity's sake, I had the mother of all toothaches/gum abscess/oral horror during the entire conference. It greatly reduced my conference fun. That's what I'm referring to here.
  3. That meant that two of the presenters and the panel chair were not actually in attendance.
  4. Undefined? That should be
  5. At some point, I had a brief side conversation w/ Abby Schreiber, a PhD candidate in early US history. Much pithiness ensued.
  6. Now back to our regularly scheduled live-tweeting...
  7. A very tiny infant it was. Very cute...