Top web stories of 2011

Beer explosions, floods and flying cars! These were the most-read stories on our website last year.


  1. Number 10:
  2. I don't think any of us expected this one from way back in March to make the top 10, but hey: Addison County doesn't see flying cars all that often.
  3. Number 9:
  4. This one — among the first articles we put online after Irene delivered her devastating blow — was pretty much expected, considering Irene was without a doubt the biggest story of the year. Stay tuned for a couple of other Irene stories down the line.
  5. Number 8:
  6. Number 7:
  7. Number 6:
  8. Number 5:
  9. Number 4:
  10. Number 3:
  11. Number 2:
  12. This one reached a lot of Vermont microbrew lovers, and not just in Addison County. Turns out Otter Creek Brewery had a lot of worried fans!
  13. And the top article of 2011:
  14. We weren't all that surprised about this one, considering Irene was our staff pick for top story of the year. It's a story we'll be coming back to for years to come, as the aftermath of the August floods continues to affect town and state budgets and the lives of citizens throughout the state.