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Police brutality at Occupy

Veterans assaulted with truncheons, women dragged through the streets by their hair, grandmothers pepper sprayed in the face, peaceful protestors bludgeoned while sitting. Sound like something authorities in Egypt, Tunisia or Syria would order and condone? Think again. It's happening here in the US.


  1. Officer deploys chemical agent on University of California, Davis (UC Davis) students without any provocation other than sitting peacefully on the ground, with their arms linked. 
  2. Footage shows the above police officer using pepper spray (at 0:11) and then other officers start dragging them away and making arrests at Occupy Davis on November 18.
  3. Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis
  4. Iraqi War veteran Kayvan Sabeghi is violently pushed by a police officer and then beaten repeatedly with a truncheon during Occupy Oakland protests.

  5. Occupy Oakland: Iraq war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi beaten by police - video
  6. Female protestor on the frontline of Occupy Portland is sprayed with pepper spray directly in the face by riot police.

  7. Adam Gabbatt speaks on how Police violence has the opposite of the affect intended, bringing more support to Occupy Wall Street.

  8. OWS: Adam Gabbatt on Zuccotti Park violence during Day of Action
  9. Police drag female protestor by her hair through a New York intersection beginning at 0:43.

  10. Girl manhandled pulling by her hair- nypd cop police brutality #N17 #OWS
  11. Image of NYPD yanking a woman by her hair as she tries to flee their advance.

  12. OWS organizer says bad apples with impunity are behind police brutality.  Police punch seated protestors at 2:20.

  13. OWS protester sees police brutality firsthand
  14. Arresting one of their own: retired Philadelphia police Captain, Ray Lewis, is arrested and zap-strapped for protesting against the police action.