Facebook Page Timeline View Coming

There are a lot of changes coming to Facebook Pages and it's important to be aware of what is coming with a forced change on March 30, 2012


  1. Facebook Pages Timeline
    Facebook Pages Timeline
  2. Here is a short video from Facebook showing some ideas of how the new pages could benefit you.
  3. The first place I heard about the changes was from Lujure
  4. Hubspot has released an awesome guide to get things going and all the rules you need to follow.
  5. As you can see in the rules for new Cover Images, one of the big downsides is that you aren't allowed any calls to action, contact info, or arrows pointing to Facebook Features.

    In the short term this will hurt businesses who use Facebook as a marketing tool because conversions will drop. In the long run though, it will force businesses and marketers to really provide more value and actually interact with their fan/customer base and could result in even higher conversions.