Hospice Industry

This is the second installment of a series intended to explore how people talk about hospice on twitter. This collection of tweets isn't meant to single out particular individuals, but rather give an overall impression of the tone and content of the messages in a public forum.

  1. With this post we want to compare what hospice professionals and organization say, and what the general public says, when they talk about hospice on twitter. We've tried to gather posts that are representative of the quantity of tweets. Like any reporting, it's colored by our own perspective as well.

    We'll start by taking a look at some tweets to get a sense of what is being talked about.

  2. Sometimes the hashtag people use can help you understand who their intended audience is, but hashtags aren’t the only way to search – people searching for “hospice” will find many of these posts.

    There are a few hashtags in use here. One of the more popular used by many in the healthcare industry is #eol (for end-of-life):
  3. Another is #hpm, standing for "hospice/palliative medicine."
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