Levels of Environmental Services and Testing

There are several levels of environmental services that can be completed prior to construction in a particular area.


  1. There are several levels of environmental services that can be completed prior to construction in a particular area. Assessments, monitoring, drilling and sampling of soil, as well as investigations are utilized to inform developers, homeowners, builders, project designers, municipalities, and engineers about conditions. A preliminary site assessment, for example, is known as a Phase 1 ESA. It consists of a site visit, interviews, a review of records, and a phase 1 environmental report. This process is used to determine if any further testing is needed to learn about the liability risks of a site. It is also used to determine if there is potential for contamination.

    If the phase 1 report identifies the possibility of contamination of hazardous materials, further testing is completed. That process, called a Phase II study, involves actual sampling and testing of the soil. The process can be lengthy, if samples have to be sent away for analysis. The project is delayed until results can be delivered and reported back to the client. There are a few companies, such as acs tucson, that have accredited laboratories in which to expedite analysis and results. Time and money is saved on shipping samples, paying an outside laboratory to complete testing, and procuring reports. If the company that does the drilling and testing is also the one that completes analysis and reporting, costs and time are reduced.

    Other environmental tests and services offered include investigations of soil, underground storage tanks, and subsurface contamination. Asbestos and remediation studies are available as well. Regulatory compliance services and consulting services are offered to help companies handle environmental issues responsibility and legally. Fines for mishandling environmental contamination are high, so it is wise to ensure policies and procedures are well within regulations and boundaries. Neglecting to have proper testing completed prior to the beginning of a project can lead to expensive delays, complications due to soil stability, and wasted materials. Professional assessments and testing ensure the project can continue as planned. Avoiding the need for modifications while in process of construction is one of the major benefits of testing during the pre-planning stages. Research the levels of environmental testing that should be completed and find a company that can handle every aspect of that process.