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Authors of 'Los Otros Dreamers' Speak at CSUN

Jill Anderson and Nin Solís spoke at California State University, Northridge on April 25, 2014 to a classroom of students, journalists and professors regarding their work with undocumented youth in Mexico.


  1. The event was streamed live and can be viewed at Ustream here: 
  2. "The book includes twenty-six testimonios, written in the preferred language of the contributor (English/Spanish/Spanglish) and then translated into English or Spanish. Three stories are also translated into indigenous languages. A full-page color portrait accompanies each testimonio, along with several photos of the homes, families and landscapes in which these Dreamers are navigating their return." -Prof. Jose Luis Benavides, in a post for the CSUN Arts and Media website. 

    Additional information about today's event at: 
  3. "Dreamers" author and journalist Eileen Truax was present to moderate the discussion.
  4. Jill Anderson and Nin Solís have been documenting the lives of Dreamers who have returned to Mexico.
  5. The presentation revealed several stories from the book, with students and immigration advocates reading the testimonials of Dreamers that could not be present. 
  6. One Dreamer, Nancy Landa, a former CSUN student who was deported and now studies in London, joined the presentation via Skype and shared her story with attendees.