Reproducibility and Reliability of Biomedical Research

On the 1-2 April, the AMS, in partnership with the BBSRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust, organised a two day symposium discussing solutions to the problems of reliability and reproducibility of biomedical research. Here's a round-up of the action of our hashtag #ReproSymp during the meeting!


  1. The meeting got started with a keynote presentation from Marcus Munafo on "the scale of the problem".
  2. Then we heard from a range of fields, including neuroscience, genomics, public health informatics, particle physics and manufacturing! Particle physics and manufacturing were able to give their outsiders' perspective on problems in biomed, and some suggestions for solutions from their own fields.
  3. After lunch, we heard about pre-registration of protocols and post-publication peer review from Chris Chambers (editor of Cortex who now offer preregistration) and Hilda Bastian, from PubMed Commons. Their talks were followed by panel debate.
  4. In the last session of talks on day 1, we considered how we could improve the research method. We heard the perspective from the pharmaceutical industry, issues on research with animals, how training could help, and the role of open science.