Bring Zen to Your House The Easy Way

Have a look at the top ten tips to bring Zen to your house.

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  1. I bet everybody needs to have a rest for at least 5 minutes when he/she is back from work. Peace and relaxation took major part in our lives. This is why you should provide them at home at least. How to bring this calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home? Just bring Zen to your house. What the heck is Zen? Some may have heard about it, but the Japanese Zen refers to meditation. In our homes, it reflects the balance, harmony and peace. Although Zen is not a specific style of interior design , it is often associated with minimalism , simplicity and purity of lines. It is rather a way of organizing your home and creating a pleasant atmosphere , offsetting the stress and hassles of everyday life. How to do this in your own home? Follow these 10 easy steps to Zen renovation of your home :

    #1 Chose Earth tones

    Natural colours best depict Zen design. Colours like white, gray, green, beige are ideal to evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. It's essential to obtain harmony between the various elements. Also, you need to fid the right colour balance between your furniture, walls and floors. Note, that you can also add a decoration in a completely different from the basic colour.

    #2 Do the right flooring

    Hard floors need to be made of natural materials. Both parquet and solid wood floors are great. Again, light tones are essential. If you prefer soft floors, like wool carpets for example, keep in mind that they require more maintenance. However, if you like carpets, you can hone your Zen décor and combine with other smaller rugs from cotton. Remember the light colours.

    #3 Choose natural and lightweight fabrics

    When choosing fabrics must adhere to the same rule - natural , light and comfortable. One of the key elements of Zen interior curtains. Choose those that give a sense of privacy and block drafts. The most suitable materials are wool and linen.

    #4 Soft and natural light

    Totally relaxing atmosphere replace fluorescent lights with dim lighting , soothing the eyes. Very suitable for this purpose are candles. Place light sources in your home. Avoid strong , direct light from the ceiling , remove major lamps and side lamps emphasize the walls. This makes it easier to switch from natural sunlight during the day to artificial night.

    #5 Furniture

    Zen style interior is characterized by simple and clear lines , avoiding unnecessary details and intricate ornaments. The furniture should be of high quality and made ​​of natural materials , as they bring a sense of warmth and comfort . You do not have to change all the furniture just might renew old ones. Paint them in colours corresponding to the rest of the interior.

    #6 Decorations

    The essence of Zen in the decoration consists in minimalism and simplicity. Avoid collections of pictures or images , save only those who are especially dear to you .

    #7 Natural scent

    If you use air fresheners from bottles or those that are plugged in , you should replace them with scented candles or essential oils. According to Zen , it is extremely important to the harmony in your home.

    #8 Remove electronic interference

    Electronic devices are the most common sources of distraction and therefore does not fully integrate into Zen interior. However, if you insist on having a TV in the bedroom , for example , place it away from the bed or hide it in a specially designed cabinet. Hide all cables and wires that could disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the room.

    #9 Use green plants to bring peace

    The plants have a calming effect through its green tones , and by providing oxygen. However avoid flowers that need special support or separate unpleasant flavors. Good Decision bonsai trees and hanging creepers - they are often used in Zen decor.

    #10 Keep your home clean

    It is important to maintain hygiene in the home. Dust and dust mites that accumulate on the floor and furniture , mainly harm you. They are also an obstacle to achieving balance and harmony in your home. If you experience difficulties cleaning your home, you could ask for professional cleaning help.