Top Clinical Pulmonary Medicine Articles From April

Here are the top five picks for April 2017 from the Clinical Pulmonary Medicine NetWork.


  1. 1. Are short bursts of steroids harmful? This study looked at a large cohort of patients (1.5 million) and found a high rate of short-term steroid use (21% of patients) with an associated increased risk of adverse events such as sepsis, venous thromboembolism, and fracture within 30 days of drug initiation.
  2. 2. The ASAP trial: Daily drainage of pleural fluid via an indwelling pleural catheter, as opposed to every other day, leads to higher rate of autopleurodesis and faster time to catheter removal.
  3. 3. A larger than expected drop in lung function in your perimenopausal patient? This may be normal….this longitudinal European study found that the rate of decline in FVC in transitional and postmenopausal women was increased by 10.2mL/yr and 12.5mL/yr respectively compared with regularly menstruating women.
  4. 4. CPAP or bilevel PAP for obesity hypoventilation? It may not matter….
    This randomized, parallel, double-blind trial looked at 60 patients with OHS, treated with CPAP or bilevel PAP and found similar improvement in ventilatory failure and quality of life, with similar adherence in both groups.
  5. 5. Fluid overload may play a role in the pathogenesis of sleep-related breathing disorder in patients supported by chronic hemodialysis.