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50 Seasons of Phillies Baseball, Tradition, and Family in Reading

As the Reading Fightin Phils celebrate 50 seasons of affiliation with the Philadelphia Phillies, fans and employees look back on the history of the organization and look forward to an exciting future for both the minor league club and its major league parent club.


  1. From the Indians to the Phillies - Baseball in Reading
  2. Golden Moments from 50 Phillies Seasons: 1967 Season
  3. Relive Reading's 1993 no-hitter
  4. Golden Moments from 50 Phillies Seasons: Outfield Wall
  5. Remembering the best team in Reading's history -- the 1983 team
  6. First Exhibition between the Big Phillies and Little Phillies
  7. Golden Moments from 50 Phillies Seasons: Longest Game in Baseballtown History
  8. Reading Wins in Historic Fashion Thanks to Catcher's Interference
  9. Tony Brown's 4-home run day
  10. Powerful Howard: Howard's Then-Record Setting Season a Crowd Pleaser
  11. The Year of the Babe: Relive Darin "Babe" Ruf's Memorable 2012 Season