Journalism and Media Business at UMass Amherst - retweets are just tweets that made me react somewhere in between this 😂and this 😱


Hi! So I'm not really sure what to write here. I'm a sophomore in college and I'm French major. I'll probably write mostly vampire stories or human love stories so if you don't like either of those categories I am very sorry :)

Athulya Nambiar

Student journalist

Aishwarya Parikh

Confused Blood of a Drama Queen , running with Writing, Dance, and Travel. Cause Passion and Love are two things meant to live for :)

Eileen Koons

Health, Aging and Social Work!

Brand Cruz

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Beks artiste peintre


make smile for kids

ajay Industries

We are manufacturer of hand tools like spanners, Vices, pincers and pliers.

DaphneAnn Cassar

Media Producer at Public Broadcasting Services

Ashton Kobler

to | bkk | syd | par

Jonathan A Cohen

ahmed fakharany

journalist and writer

Signature Global

Signature Global is a brand which stands for Reality, Reliability and Responsibility. The company has successfully delivered various new construction projects in Gurgaon, Delhi.

If you could change yourself , you'll actually be able to change the world around you. Magdy Amer Egypt