Lucy Gray

Education technology and social media consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, into global education, mobile learning

Gioseffi Andrea

Fantasista Giurisprudenziale. Non faccio citazioni né plagi: omaggio, come nel jazz. Tutto si può ricondurre a strutture originarie, come nel blues.


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) plays a powerful role in advancing biomedical research and science education in the United States.

Caitlin Leishman

Nowell Francisco

Cheryl Malaguti

Super-lefty hs mom, über-right area. Equal rights for all regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious views. I endorse not being a dick. Progressive.

Kris Hodgson

Kris Hodgson is a @LethCollege journalism instructor, triathlete, renewable energy geek, cello player & dad. President of @AACLeth & supporter of @EnviroLeth.

Andy Adams

New Media • Photography • Digital Culture

Josh Peterson

In motion.

Wil | ول يا ول

#Blogger & #Toronto-Based Citizen Media Trainer | @Soliya Online Community Manager | @csiTO DECA | Opinion = Me. RT ≠ Endorsement.


Verbal Identity Provider. Brand Strategist. Fast Company Author. I discover & deliver stories to clients via my creative hub, Steve Ramos Media.

Big Time Entertainment Limited

We are an Entertainment Agency in the United Kingdom supplying all types of Circus Entertainers, Children's Entertainers, Cabaret Entertainers, Bands and Singers etc

Evgeny Hvastovich

nuclear energy devices specialist, a professional soccer club manager, entrepreneur, investor, founder of start-up incubator

Phillip Christopher Ressler

I am (I'm) a computer technician by trade. :-)

Randy Foster

Eastern North Carolina journalist from Southern and Northern California via New Mexico, family man, likes animals, aims for good. Usual disclaimers apply.