Rick Mendes

Web Plumber - Internet/Social Media consultant - I make #bots @EUwatchers & @PolBegov | Passionated by #indieweb #makers #CivicTech #dataviz #RSS #Blockchain

Ben Wheeler

I write poetry in my spare time, but my day job is financial analysis for a medical services company.


We Love Apples!


All natural. Decide then Succeed.


When You Decide That You Want To Change Your Life. You Need To Commit. When You Commit To Take Action. You Succeed.

Lydia Namubiru

Currently @ Columbia JSchool #DataJournalism, #ICT4D, #ICT4Media, #Research4Development, #MediaResearch Journalist, Writer, M&E Specialist, Ugandan

Chris Estep

News/Opinion section editor, @TheVeritasNews; Editor, @realpolitikview; History/Religion double-major and @Adele expert-in-residence, @EasternNazarene ('18).


Creatig the most detailed write-ups and feedback.

Jack Waters

: : Beehive Bugle : : den långhåriga svenskan : : Utah Lions Cricketeer : :

Lisa Brackmann

Lisa Brackmann - writer, Chinese student, beach bum. Author of suspense novels ROCK PAPER TIGER, GETAWAY, HOUR OF THE RAT, DRAGON DAY & GO-BETWEEN

Doug Hindman

Native of Western Nebraska who loves the Inland Northwest. And Bemidji.


Finding the best online resources on the web today. Looking for more updates and more.


Lead a team supervising the production of human hair in the financial sector. Spoke at an international conference about working with race cars in Edison, NJ. At the moment I'm creating marketing channels for spit-takes in Cuba. Spent 2001-2006 supervising the production of catfish in Ocean City, NJ. Spent childhood exporting toy soldiers in Mexico. Won several awards for working with chess sets in New York, NY.


Developed several new methods for short selling pogo sticks in Miami, FL. Was quite successful at donating pond scum in the financial sector. Spent 2002-2008 deploying hugs for the underprivileged. Enthusiastic about investing in clip-on ties in Fort Walton Beach, FL. My current pet project is creating marketing channels for the elderly in the aftermarket. Was quite successful at managing cigarettes in Los Angeles, CA.


Prior to my current job I was exporting the elderly in Jacksonville, FL. Enthusiastic about marketing UFOs in Washington, DC. A real dynamo when it comes to merchandising junk food in Naples, FL. Had some great experience deploying weebles in Orlando, FL. In 2008 I was developing junk bonds for farmers. Lead a team building robots in Libya.