Olajide Bamidele

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Public speaker, Multimedia Consultant, Wordpress, Joomla, ICT Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Husband and Father.

Trevor Gerdes

Associate producer/intern, @KFIAM640. Almost-graduated journalism student, @biolau. Wouldn't mind space travel. Learning optimism.

Kevin D. Boutelle

Network Administrator for Fulton City School District in upstate New York.

Gheorghe Sima

Ali Torabi

Wonkish ex @38_degrees campaigner; ideologically unbound 3G Iranian. Partial to caffeine, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and saying از ماست که بر ماست

Jennie Armstrong

interests: digital tech, gender, scotch, music, food + innovation. always looking to collaborate! opinions my own. #ict4d #globaldev #edtech #womenintech

ان الحياةعقيدة وجهاد

Dr.salah mostafa,Professor of pathology , zagazig university

Craig Tiriana

working in the communication matrix: living in paradise aka Rotorua.

António Costa

Journalist, business and politics, web addicted, former Editor-in-Chief of Económico

Marek Kośniowski

Marek Kośniowski Márquez Entrepreneur, Biker, Addicted traveller, lover of good music, good whiskey, riding motorbikes, and life. #JackDaniels #Harley-Davidson


Reporter for @FeaturesLNP, aspiring gardener, @ithacacollege alum, vegetarian. Brakes for yard sales.

Victoria G. Martinez

Characterizing a caricature. (Tweets my own)

Kitty Wooley

I spark energizing connection and cooperation across hierarchies for higher magnitude agility, results, and career happiness. Emphasis on government.


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Chris Rose