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A Loving Son Shares His Grief

For the last two weeks, NPR host Scott Simon has been sharing the story of his dying mother, who passed away last night. From the moment he learned of her illness two weeks ago to her passing, he showed us Twitter at its most compassionate, loving and human.


  1. Scott first received word of his mother's illness on July 16, which he relayed to his Twitter followers with a taste of her humor:
  2. Initially, it appeared her surgery had gone well and her recovery was just a matter of time.
  3. By July 25, Scott's tweets became very contemplative. While he didn't offer specific details on her condition, it was becoming clear her recovery was not going as well as planned.
  4. As her condition worsened, the two of them found solace in one of their most cherished activities: singing together.
  5. Throughout it all, his mother maintained her extraordinary wit:
  6. Yet as the days passed, it became clear his mother's time was running out. Scott didn't bottle up his emotions; instead he continued to share them with his million Twitter followers.
  7. NPR's Peter Sagal took note of Scott's tweets and encouraged his own followers to join Scott and his mother's final days:
  8. As the end approached, Scott persevered.